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Home Rink: Northford Ice Pavilion

Our home rink for the 2020-2021 season is Northford.  It's centrally located and offers excellent facilities including a snack bar,  a large lobby seating area, an onsite pro shop, and hockey training resources including MB Sports and Bar Down Sniper Academy.

We value our partnership with  Northford and look forward to a successful season!

Northford Ice Pavilion
24 Firelite Place
(203) 484-4054

COVID Protocols for Northford Ice Pavilion

Keeping our families safe and healthy is our priority.  Hockey rinks across the state have worked closely with the Connecticut Health Department to create guidelines.  We ask that all of our members support the policies designed that keep us safe and allow us to continue playing hockey.

Below is an overview of the Northford Ice Pavilion and Shoreline Sharks guidelines. Please review,  respect, and follow the protocols. 

COVID Guidelines Revised: 2-3-21

Northford Ice Pavilion

• Per the state mandate, cloth face coverings (masks) must be worn by everyone inside an arena at all times. This includes participants during on-ice practice and gameplay.

• Locker rooms may be used as long as 6 ft social distancing is followed.

• Scrimmages and gameplay are allowed.

• Equipment bags will be allowed in the arena.

• Recommend players arrive at the arena fully or partially dressed.

• Players, coaches, and locker room monitors must not enter the arena prior to 20 minutes before the start of their scheduled ice time. They must exit the arena no later than 15 minutes following the conclusion of their ice time.

• There MUST be adult supervision in locker rooms at all times.

• It is recommended that players arrive at the arena fully dressed, with the exception of skates, helmet, and gloves.

• Following State of CT Reopening Youth Sports, two (2) spectators, per player, will be allowed in arena.

• Dryland activities will not be allowed inside the common arena areas.

• A waiver must be signed by all players, coaches, and spectators.  DOWNLOAD HERE

• Attendees will enter through the front of the rink and exit based on the rink's defined traffic patterns.  Attendees should not be exiting through the lobby.

o Red Rink exits on the side of the building

o Blue rink exits in the back of the building

o White rink exits near the picnic benches

• NO Tailgating or group gatherings outside of the rink.

• Team warm-ups will still be allowed outdoors, but players must wear masks and maintain social distancing.

• Masks

o Masks shall be worn at all times by EVERYONE (players, parents, and family members).

o Players must wear masks during practices and games, including while on the ice and bench.

o Coaches will be required to wear masks at all times, including games and practices.

o Masks should be worn correctly - this means that they must cover both your nose and mouth.

• Attendees must practice social distancing both inside and outside of the rink.

• The rink has sanitizing & cleaning throughout the day, including locker room and bench cleaning after every session.

Additional Guidance

1. No one should attend a game or practice if experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms.

2. If a player or family member tests positive or has direct contact with someone who tests positive for COVID-19, you must notify the Sharks at AND stay away from all team events until you receive a return to play approval from the Sharks Director of Hockey Operations.  We will observe all HIPPA laws related to privacy.

3. Team Managers are accountable for contacting the "away" rinks when teams travel and communicating any additional regulations.

4. Team Managers are accountable for communicating with visiting teams.

5. Check out the USA Hockey resources.