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House League

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3v3 Cross-Ice Games


For the 2020-2021 season, we offer our House League again, 3v3 games designed for girls ages 5 - 15 looking to put newly learned skills to test in game situations.  It is held on Saturdays starting November 1st  and runs through the end of February. 

According to Bill Greim, Learn to Play Clinic Director, "The 3v3 format puts hockey concepts over positional play.  Skaters are forced to make plays under constant pressure with maximum puck touches. It's development in its purest form and will help quickly improve the most critical areas of the game. "

The House League 3v3 option is available as an add-on package for Sand Sharks and Juniors Sharks, who are looking for more development opportunities beyond the standard clinic offering. Additionally, select travel team players can take advantage of the extra ice time with their coach's approval.

How it works:

  • Includes 16 cross-ice games
  • Full equipment and skating experience are required to participate
  • Designed for girls ages 5 - 15 years old
  • Participants will be grouped into small teams by age to maximize ice time
  • Play consists of 15 minutes running time "mini-games" with line changes occurring every 1:30
  • Games will be played on Saturday afternoons

The House League offers a significant development opportunity for players relatively new to hockey who want to build core hockey skills quickly. The cross-ice, small area format improves all aspects of a player's game, including skating, stick handling, shooting, and, most importantly, reaction time. 

The speed of the game and the amount of ice time make the House League fun for players of all ages!

The Value of Cross-Ice Hockey on Development

USA Hockey sed analytics to show the value of cross-ice hockey versus full ice hockey.  Using analytics, they show how small area games increase reaction times, provide more puck touches, and create more puck battles verses in context to full ice.  Take a look: 

Shoreline Sharks General Infomation

Shoreline Sharks General Infomation

Quote from Boston Bruins Development Coach About Importance of Cross-Ice Hockey

Register for our House League

Sign up for our season of 3v3 cross-ice games.

Infographic with Benefits of Cross-Ice hockey

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