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Tier II/AA Tryouts (Black)

Tier II/AA Tryout Overview

We are committed to delivering a competitive hockey experience that is synonymous with development, opportunity, and academic achievement.

We've only competed at the Tier II level since 2017.  In that short period, we've built a reputation for hockey excellence that includes  30+ boarding school placements,  participation in the regional tournament every year of eligibility, and two USA Hockey National Championship titles.  In fact, we are the only girl's organization (Tier I or Tier II) in the state to win a National Championship title since 2012!

In just four seasons,  we've become the destination program for players looking to advance to their next level of play.  We look forward to building upon our legacy in the 2020 - 2021 season.  Learn more about why we have the Best Tier II Program in CT

We were unable to hold Tier II tryouts for the 2020-21 season and have completed team selection based on the guidelines provided by the CHC.  Please click the link below to register for our CGHL tryouts or add your name to our Tier II waitlist. 

Want more detailed information about the teams, season and tryouts?  Request a comprehensive 2020 -2021 Tryout Packet. 

Click here to request the UPDATED 2020 2021 Tryout Packet (revised 6/19/20)

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