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U14, 16, 19 National Bound Tryouts

Tier II National Bound Tryouts

U14, U16 & U19 TEAMS

We are committed to delivering a competitive hockey experience that is synonymous with development, opportunity, and academic achievement.

We've only competed at the Tier II level since 2017.  In that short period, we've built a reputation for hockey excellence that includes  60 boarding school placements,  32 college placements, participation in the regional tournament every year of eligibility, and two USA Hockey National Championship titles.  

Quickly,  we've become the destination program for players looking to advance to their next level of play.  We look forward to building upon our legacy in the upcoming season.  Learn more about why we have the Best Tier II Program in CT

Want more detailed information about the teams, season, and tryouts?  Request a comprehensive 2024 -2025 Tryout Packet. 

Tryout Overview

The chart below provides the key information about the national bound (Tier II) tryouts for U14, U16, and U19 teams: 

Tryout Schedule

The chart below provides the tryout times for the Tier II national-bound U14, U16, and U19 teams.  All tryouts are held at Northford Ice Pavilion.  

Tryout Session U14 Tier II U16 Tier II U19 Tier II
Session 1 April 9: 7:20 - 8:30 pm April 13: 3:30 - 4:40 pm April 14: 3:50 - 5:05 pm
Session 2 April 10: 7:30 - 8:40 pm April 14: 2:25 - 3:40 pm NA

Tryout Information

Our tryout program is designed to provide all participants with an equal opportunity to demonstrate their hockey skills.  We utilize independent evaluators to eliminate any potential player bias.  Additionally, our on-ice instructors will do everything possible to maintain a relaxed environment so players can perform to their potential. 

Here is some additional information about tryouts: 

  • Tryout Packet:  Request a comprehensive packet that provides families with tuition, travel, tournament, skill development, practice schedules, etc.
  • Registration: Our registration opens on January 28, 2024  
  • Player Loyalty:  We promise our registered players that we will find a place for them to play hockey with our "Once a Shark, always a Shark" philosophy 


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