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Learn to Play Clinics

Girls at a Learn to Play Hockey Clinic

Hockey Development Clinic Overview


Our 2022 - 2023 Learn to Play Clinics are the ideal way for girls of all ages (4 – 19) to try the sport in a safe and fun environment. Our seasoned, certified coaches teach participants the fundamentals of skating and hockey through a mix of drills and small area games. 

To end the season and demonstrate skill development, our Sand Sharks clinic organizes a fun "field day" on ice while our Junior Sharks participate in a full-ice scrimmage with selected travel players.  

A fast-moving, station-based format maximizes player development. We use USA Hockey's American Development Model (ADM) as a guideline, ensuring the weekly activities are age-appropriate and, most importantly, engaging. You will be surprised at how quickly your child feels comfortable on the ice and learns basic hockey skills.

A team of seasoned instructors, including former collegiate players and high school coaches, as well as parents who've played their entire lives share their love for the sport and help girls learn to play hockey.  

And, don't forget about the health benefits of hockey, including enhanced cardio fitness, muscular strength, and coordination/balance!  The bursts of skating are sure to get the heart pumping! 

All of our hockey development programs (Sand Sharks and Junior Sharks) take place at the Northford Ice Pavilion.  Aside from a central location, the rink has excellent facilities, including a full-service snack bar and an onsite pro shop. 

Learn about our Sand Sharks Clinic

This Learn to Play Hockey clinic is designed for girls ages 4-11.

Learn about our Junior Sharks Clinic

This Learn to Play Hockey clinic is designed for girls ages 12-19.



We are excited to get back on the ice to do what we love most, teaching girls to play and love hockey!  At the end of every clinic season, we outline the opportunities to improve the experience for our participants.  Here are a few notable enhancements: 

Addition of Game Days for our Sand Sharks Clinic.  We've included eight Saturday cross-ice scrimmages to give our Sand Sharks the chance to put their newly learned skills to practice in a structured, fun game format.

Dedicated ice time for Junior Sharks.  We've given the Sand Sharks and Junior Sharks their own ice time.  Full ice for our older participants allows our coaches to increase the complexity of drills, easily incorporate small game scrimmages and build skating endurance to prepare players for team play.  

A formalized level system for grouping our Sand Sharks. Given the range of age and ability within the clinic, our coaches will group similarly skilled players. Station-based drills will still be used, but players will travel with their groups, allowing the coaches to tailor activities to the skill level of the group. Coaches will fluidly move players between levels as appropriate with the goal of optimizing their development. 

Our Junior Sharks Clinic has used and will continue to use the same approach. Given its smaller scale, coaches can more easily provide player-specific instructions. 

We hope you will not only sign up for this season's clinic but help us spread the word.  Our Sand Sharks program is one of the most robust all-girls development programs in the state.  Our Junior Sharks program is unique in providing girls 12+ with an opportunity to learn to play hockey. USA Hockey spotlighted our efforts targeted to older girls, as most LTP clinics are focused on players under 10.


Space is limited, so register today. Once we reach capacity, interested participants will be added to a waitlist. Tuition must be paid before the first session. No refunds.

Register for our Learn to Play Clinics

Click on this link to visit the registration page for our Learn to Play Sand Sharks or Junior Sharks Clinics.


Hamden Sport Center (Hamden and Northford) and Whitie Bensen (West Haven) are two great retailers that can help you with equipment.  Both are known for their broad selection, including, new and used equipment at a range of price points. 

Additionally,  offer our Learn to Play participants discounts:

The staff at both stores are very knowledgeable and an excellent resource for someone new to hockey. They will help you find the most cost-effective way to outfit your child.  

Shoreline Sharks Hockey Learn to Play Clinic Sand Sharks

More Information

We are committed to creating a positive experience for participants and their families.  Our coaches welcome the opportunity to teach your daughter to skate and play, while hopefully fostering a passion for the great game of hockey. Today, a majority of our travel team players started in our development program. 

For additional information, please email

Register for our Learn to Play Clinics

Click on this link to visit the registration page for our Learn to Play Sand Sharks or Junior Sharks Clinics.

Pam Miller Clinic Manager

Learn to Play FAQ

Equipment Discounts

Below are the discounts offered by Bensen Ferguson Hockey & Lacrosse and Hamden Sport Center (HSC).  Be sure to mention the Shoreline Sharks when you visit the store. 

Sand Sharks LTP Clinic

Hockey Terms

The Madison Capitols have a great "Hockey 101" resource that includes basic penalties and terms.