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Travel Hockey

Program Overview

Our travel team program is our largest, with close to 200 players, team options at all age brackets (U8 – U19), and typically multiple competitive levels of play at each age bracket. Our scale, development focus, and multi-league participation (NEGHL, CHC, and CGHL) create a path for our players to advance to their next level of play continually.

Coaches work hard to match the commitment and intensity to the competitive level. Teams average two practice sessions per week, league and non-league weekend games, in addition to tournaments. Travel is State, Regional, or National and linked to league participation.

We typically hold tryouts in March and April. If you are interested in playing for the Sharks, click here to learn more about our tryout process.   

Competitive Options

National & Regional Competition

Teams:  U14, U16 & U19

We started competing at the Tier II level in  2016-2017. Quickly,  we earned a reputation for having the best Tier II program in CT, giving our exceptional program leadership and an unparalleled record with numerous tournament titles, including the 2017 and 2018  USA Hockey Championships. We're known for our development-centric model and unwavering player loyalty.
Our performance outperformed other organizations, including perceived hockey powerhouses. We're committed to advancing our athletes to reach their next level of hockey, whether it's "prep" school, high school, college, or anything else. 

State  & Regional Competition

Teams:   U12

We've added Tier I and Tier II at the  U12 level, giving options for more competitive play for those ready.  Like all of our programs, it's centered around player development that builds a  strong hockey foundation for long-term player growth.  

Teams in this age bracket are not eligible to participate in the National USA Hockey Championship tournament but will participate in State and Regional tournaments. 

State Competition
Teams:  U8, U10, U12, U14, U16/19

Our CGHL program started in 2000 to feed the Guilford Girls High School team. Over the years, it's grown to be the most extensive all-girls program in the state, with players from over 35 towns. Grounded in development, the program has earned a reputation for providing girls of all ages options at various competitive levels - from new to the sport to experienced. 
The time commitment for our CGHL teams is significantly less than our tiered teams. Additionally, our team structure is dynamic, intending to provide as many girls as possible the opportunity to play travel hockey. We adapt and modify our team structure to meet our players' needs and competitive levels. 

Travel Team Program Highlights

Travel Hockey Program Overview

Why the Sharks?

Our talented team of coaches, positive culture, and partnerships with top-tier development-focused resources like Pro Crease Goaltending and IPH deliver individual growth in a fun and challenging environment.

As our players' needs evolve, so does our program.  In 2016 we joined the NEGHL and CHC and began to compete regionally and nationally. Within two seasons of Tier II play, we won back-to-back USA Hockey championship titles in 2017 and 2018.

We are proud of our accolades at all levels of play and love seeing our girls develop a passion for the sport and become better players.  Perhaps, more importantly, it is the essential life skills they learn through hockey, such as teamwork, hard work, confidence,  sportsmanship, respect, time management, and accountability. 

Shoreline Sharks General Infomation

Shoreline Sharks General Infomation

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2018 Nationals

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