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Tryouts for our 2023-2024 teams took in March and April.  If you are looking for a team placement for the upcoming season, please email

Tryout Overview

We are proud to be one of the state's most expansive girls' programs, with a broad offering of travel teams from highly competitive national bound to competitive development teams. The spectrum of options allows us to give girls at all levels of play the opportunity to advance to their desired next hockey level.

We have team options for a range of ages (U8 - U19)  and participate in three leagues (NEGHL, CHC, and CGHL), allowing us to provide hockey opportunities for all types of players -  from new to hockey to advanced.

Our explosive entry into national-bound competition with our Tier II program provides highly competitive play that challenges players and leads to advancement opportunities.

Multiple Tryout Options

National-Bound Play

As a newcomer to national-bound play, we've become known for having the best Tier II program in the state.  Our six-year record is unparalleled and includes numerous tournament titles, including back-to-back USA Hockey Championships (2017 & 2018), 50+  boarding school placements, and the best program leadership.

Our national-bound teams are designed for experienced players looking to play at the highest level of competition and who have long-term hockey goals, including college hockey.  National-bound travel regionally and are eligible for the USA Hockey National Championship. 

  • U14 Tier II (CHC/NEGHL)
  • U16 Tier II (CHC/NEGHL)
  • U19 Tier II (CHC/NEGHL)

State-Based Play

The last 20 years, we've built one of the strongest development programs in the state.  All of these teams participate in the CGHL with a focus on state-based competition at multiple levels of play.  We provide an exceptional hockey experience focused on player advancement.

  • U08 (cross-ice team)
  • U10 ( CGHL)
  • U12 (Tier I/ II & CGHL)
  • U14 (NEGHL/CGHL)
  • U16/19 (NEGHL/CGHL)

At the U12 Tier I/II level, players are not eligible to participate in the USA Hockey National Championships. 

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2017 Nationals

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