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National Bound Tier II Program

Best Tier II Program in CT

In 2016, we entered the National-Bound Tier II space to give our more experienced players the chance to play at a higher competitive level.  We captured the attention of the hockey community when we won State, Regional, and National (2017) championship titles in our first year of national bound competition. 

In a short period of time, we've outperformed all other organizations in the state, including some of the perceived hockey powerhouses.  Additionally, we've strengthened our program by adding more Tier II teams, continued our on-ice success, including another National Championship title (2018), helped place athletes in prep schools, and developed our high school players for achievement.

Given the current CHC process, all national-bound team allocations are filled, which prevents us from adding Tier I teams in the U14, U16, and U19  age brackets.  Unless a current Tier I team defaults their spot, no new teams can compete in sanctioned  Tier I play, including the USA Hockey National Championships. 

As we wait for a more equitable process, we continue to build the strongest Tier II program in the state while adding Tier I teams where allowed. 

Program Overview

  • Competitive Level:  National-Bound Tier II
  • League Play: CHC & NEGHL
  • Travel:  Regional (Significant)
  • Teams Options:  U14, U16 & U19

Our Tier II program is the best in the state, and here's why we're different: 

As an overall organization, our track record speaks for itself. Including our Mid-Fairfield U16 Alliance team (2019-2020 season), we've had 11 teams qualify for regionals and numerous tournament championship titles, including 4 State, 1 Regional, and 2 National titles.  

We've also helped 50+ players combine academic achievement and hockey at the country's top boarding schools, including Canterbury, Choate Rosemary Hall, The Frederick Gunn School, Hotchkiss, Pomfret, Taft, and Westminster, to name a few. 

Also, over the last few years, many of our players have moved on to play college hockey, including Dartmouth, Northeastern, and other elite schools. This year,  a majority of the eligible U19 players will be moving on to play NCAA college hockey.

Why the Sharks?


Our focus is player development. Our purpose is to get our girls ready for the next level of play:  prep, college, Tier I, high school, or any other aspiration. We believe on-ice success happens when you build strong players and a team-centered game.

The core of our development model centers on high intensity, skill-based ADM practices. In essence, coaches create challenging plans that push our athletes, and our players bring energy and focus to the practice environment that elevates the team's game. Our coaches provide formal in-season player evaluations because we believe it's critical for player advancement.

We've partnered with IPH Hockey and Pro Crease Goaltending to customize training plans for skill development opportunities outside of practice as well as our best-in-class summer program.  Aside from our core regular season program, our Summer Skills offers add-ons for off-ice training with MB Sports and dedicated skating development clinics.

Click here for more information on our Summer Skills Clinic.


Our commitment to players is for the long-term and is not season to season. We employ a "Once a Shark, always a Shark" philosophy that promises a spot for athletes to play in the upcoming season.  It gives our players a sense of security and reflects our commitment to shaping their hockey journey, a differentiator between other national bound clubs and us.

Shoreline Sharks General Infomation

Shoreline Sharks General Infomation

2018 Nationals

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